December 2011 Week 2

Series Lesson: Making Dance a Conversation

This week, Justin Riley will be teaching. Here is his lesson description.

“A few goals of this class are to re-define the conventional idea of lead-dominated dancing. We want to impart to follows the confidence, freedom, and skills necessary to properly give varying degrees of input in the dance. The class is designed to transform typical lead monologues into a dynamic conversation that gives and takes, listens and asserts, builds and deconstructs- to a point where issues of lead and follow dissolve into those of connection and communication. This class does not only deal with the conceptual, much of the course will focus on variations in frame, tone, and muscle engagement that will serve the concepts mentioned above.”

Justin’s classes are essential for learning how to communicate with a partner. Come this Tuesday from 7:30-8:30pm.

Drop In Lesson

Drew Robinson

Featured DJs:

Kayce Spear and Gideon Syfret

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