December 2011 Week 4

Series Lesson: Balance: Finding Zen in Your Dance

This week, Andrew Smith has traveled up from California and will be teaching. He has a strong dance background with expertise in solo movement and traditional blues. Here is his lesson description.

Grounded and connected movement improves the quality of communication with your dance partner. Learn how to preserve an open line of contact with your partner to transmit expansive, creative ideas. Rediscover the endless possibilities of simple movement within a creative context. Drawing from yoga and Modern dance techniques, this class will help you transform the arc of your dance from skittish, broken lines into broad, beautiful brushstrokes. Dancers leaving this class have found their dancing – and their life – more balanced and grounded.

Come this Tuesday from 7:30-8:30pm.

Drop In Lesson

Bridgette Todd

Featured DJs:

Andrew Smith and Joshua Keroes

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