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Portland, OR

The Portland Blues and Jazz Dance Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization located in Portland, Oregon. PB&J is designed to balance the organizational load of running a dance venue and community Blues events among multiple leaders, as well as give the community a wide range of people to work with. A lateral and consensus-driven organizational structure encourages participation from the community by making organizers accessible, integrated, and individually empowered to affect change.  We exist to create a safe, sustainable, and vibrant Blues and Jazz dance community through the free exchange of ideas, utilization of community knowledge, and promotion by example. PB&J seeks to reignite public interest in partnered dancing and grow Blues as a dance form through the exploration of various styles of movement and promotion of both solo and partnered social dancing.  This organization was created and is run by dancers. We love blues music and we want you to love it too. Come dance with us!

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Boot Camp

“If you lose, don't lose the lesson.”
- Dalai Lama -

Beginners welcome     -     No partner required     -     Dress comfortably

IS boot camp FOR ME?

This class will function as a bridge between the "0-60" drop-in lessons that all dancers are welcome to attend and the more advanced month-long intermediate series lessons. The goals are to cover the fundamentals of movement and partnership, discuss ways to effectively integrate movement into your body, and give you a taste of the variety Blues has with music and style. Come meet new people and learn the fundamentals of Blues dancing in a friendly, supportive environment!

This class is for dancers of all skill levels! We encourage everyone -- even those with prior experience -- to take the boot camp series, and it is a prerequisite for some, but not all, of our month-long intermediate series lessons.

Note: Boot Camp isn't required for our "0-60" lesson, so everyone is always welcome to attend our beginner classes for free when paying for the dance that night.



  • The Boot Camp Series is a 6-week course that occurs approximately every 2 months depending on instructor availability and student interest -- to see when the next Boot Camp is check here
  • During those 6 weeks, each Boot Camp Series will be Tuesday from 7:30pm - 8:30pm
  • Practicas are included in the Series -- and strongly encouraged -- on Fridays from 7:30pm - 8:30pm during those 6 weeks

Boot Camp Intensives have all the same dance knowledge that's normally taught over the course of 6 weeks within 2 weekend days, however the schedule is at the discretion of the instructors.



  • Tuesday lessons and dance are held at Bossanova Ballroom, check out this page for more information about our Tuesday dances
  • Friday Practicas are held at Lenora’s Ballroom, click here to view in Google Maps


  • $90* for 6 hours of instruction and 6 hours of guided practice in the Boot Camp Series
  • $100 for 10 hours of instruction in the Boot Camp Weekend Intensive
  • Save 50% if you’ve taken the course already and would like to take the Boot Camp again
  • Boot Camp attendees get $1 off the general admission for our dances during the 6-week series making admission a $6 minimum

PB&J does its best to make courses available to everybody. If finances are standing in the way, please contact us here for scholarship availability.

* There is a $6 charge for paying online to cover transaction fees for this class



  • Pendulum Pulse
  • Shuffle
  • Bar Blues
  • Fishtails
  • Struttin'
  • Close Embrace
  • Ballroomin’
  • Spins
  • Phrasing
  • and much more! 


If you know by the Sunday before class that you are unable to attend for any reason, please contact us at Makeup for the missed class can be done at that week’s practica on Friday, but only after you’ve asked another student for notes and come prepared to ask questions and work on content independently. Makeup can also be organized by the student independently or by scheduling a private lesson with a Boot Camp instructor.