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Portland, OR

The Portland Blues and Jazz Dance Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization located in Portland, Oregon. PB&J is designed to balance the organizational load of running a dance venue and community Blues events among multiple leaders, as well as give the community a wide range of people to work with. A lateral and consensus-driven organizational structure encourages participation from the community by making organizers accessible, integrated, and individually empowered to affect change.  We exist to create a safe, sustainable, and vibrant Blues and Jazz dance community through the free exchange of ideas, utilization of community knowledge, and promotion by example. PB&J seeks to reignite public interest in partnered dancing and grow Blues as a dance form through the exploration of various styles of movement and promotion of both solo and partnered social dancing.  This organization was created and is run by dancers. We love Blues music and we want you to love it too. Come dance with us!

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__ Make sure individual who is complaining feels validated

__ If possible, take photo of individual for spreadsheet

__ Make new sheet for person if sheet does not already exist

__ Input data into sheet (individual sheet and photo log)

__ Send Secretary agenda item if necessary

Necessary if:

__ Warrants a conversation with individual

__ Contract needs to be written up

__ Banning is a consideration

__ Determine course of action (either individually or as a board)

__ Record results of action in spreadsheet and on form