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Portland, OR

The Portland Blues and Jazz Dance Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization located in Portland, Oregon. PB&J is designed to balance the organizational load of running a dance venue and community Blues events among multiple leaders, as well as give the community a wide range of people to work with. A lateral and consensus-driven organizational structure encourages participation from the community by making organizers accessible, integrated, and individually empowered to affect change.  We exist to create a safe, sustainable, and vibrant Blues and Jazz dance community through the free exchange of ideas, utilization of community knowledge, and promotion by example. PB&J seeks to reignite public interest in partnered dancing and grow Blues as a dance form through the exploration of various styles of movement and promotion of both solo and partnered social dancing.  This organization was created and is run by dancers. We love Blues music and we want you to love it too. Come dance with us!

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Open PB&J Positions

Open volunteer positions for Portland Blues & Jazz Dance Society to help out your local dance community.


If you're interested in any of these roles reach out to the contact email address for that specific role.


Technology Officer


  • This position focuses on maintaining and updating our technological solutions as an organization, including the website, our sales platform, and various accounts, passwords, and permissions.

  • Keeping the website up to date and functional is a primary function of this position, since that is our public face as an organization. Proficiency in the Squarespace platform would be very helpful, since this position requires the ability to make changes and updates to the website. CSS knowledge, or general front end coding, would also be very helpful.

  • The ideal candidate will be familiar with the Square sales platform, and have the ability to make changes and updates to our at-the-door sales platform and easily pull data from Square.

  • Managing accounts, passwords, and permissions is a key part of this role, as we use programs and apps including Facebook, Slack, Gmail, Dreamhost, and Google Calendar.

  • If there is additional time and inclination, researching and implementing new technological and coding solutions to make our work more streamlined and effective would be great.

  • This is an unpaid volunteer position with the Portland Blues & Jazz Dance Society. The successful applicant will get into all weekly dances and classes for free.


Competition Coordinator


  • This position entails hosting 3-4 competitions a year. Currently PB&J hosts a Barefoot Mix & Match, a Tuesday Blues Mix & Match, and a Tuesday Blues Strictly competition.

  • Duties include organization of competition logistics, communication with competition staff (judges, DJ, MC and videographer) and dance operations staff, competition marketing/outreach, management of competitor sign-ups, confirmation of prizes, competition preparation (i.e. finalization of competition format, assigning bib numbers, and updating MC scripts & judging sheets), day-of competition management, and any post-event follow up.

  • Host any other competition-related events (i.e. post-competition reviews, etc.) as the Competition Coordinator and PB&J Board sees fit.

  • Discuss any feedback and/or new competition opportunities with the board.

  • This is an unpaid volunteer position on the Portland Blues & Jazz Society board, but you get into all weekly dances and lessons for free.

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